Dental Care

Dental Care

Our dental services include:
– Thorough teeth scaling and polishing
– Tooth extractions
– Minor oral surgery


Frequently Asked Questions

Is general anesthesia necessary?

Fear of general anesthesia is a natural concern voiced by many owners when a dental procedure is recommended.  However, the risk of chronic oral infection, for example, is far greater than the risk of an anesthetic complication.

What about anesthesia-free procedures?

Periodontal disease (disease under the gums) is the most common clinical condition among adult dogs and cats. Unfortunately, there are often no visible signs of periodontal disease until there is so much damage beneath the gum-line that the pet often has bone loss and loses teeth. Anesthesia free dental procedures have no way of cleaning beneath the gumline to prevent periodontal disease, nor are they able to look beneath the gum-line to identify problems before they become painful and expensive to treat.

Anesthesia free dental cleanings give pet owners a false sense of security. Unfortunately, just because their pet’s teeth appear whiter doesn’t mean they are free from oral disease.

Is it more expensive with anesthesia?

The cost of an anesthesia free dental procedure is cheaper in the short run. However, pet owners are risking the need for much higher costs to care for severe dental problems that have gone unidentified for a number of years.